fwlogwatch unrecognized entry submission page

On this page fwlogwatch users can submit samples of log lines that fwlogwatch should recognize but is not able to parse yet or reports of unrecognized tokens or characters when fwlogwatch runs with the -vv option. This page exists primarily because I cannot run all the devices fwlogwatch supports and test their logging behavior, so community feedback about the log entries that occur in the wild is needed.

Please use the current version of fwlogwatch and only submit log file chunks as file upload (preferred, the larger the better) or whole line samples! If the page blocks an upload please get in contact with me by email. If you want to upload multiple files please submit each individually. If the log file is of a new type which fwlogwatch does not have a parser for yet please provide further information.

Anything you submit (if not discarded for some reason you will probably get to know by email) is kept private and reduced to relevant entries after the corresponding fwlogwatch parser is extended to understand it. If you need to anonymize your log please use generic entries, e.g. private networks and not xxx.

Submitting a sample does not guarantee that fwlogwatch will ever be able to parse it (this is especially true for cisco pix logs), but it will certainly improve the chances and parser quality.

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